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Health Coaching

Comprehensive lifestyle habit review, customized wellness plan development & implementation support to meet your goals.

In personalized coaching sessions, we work collaboratively with clients to explore their values, priorities and challenges related to self-care, then co-create practical strategies to overcome obstacles and cultivate daily habits that are both healthier and personally meaningful. Through a process of developing greater alignment between values and habits and thoughtfully implementing small, sustainable changes that cumulatively enhance health-related quality of life, we help empower individuals to perpetuate a shift from surviving to thriving.

Movement Training

For those who value the privacy and personalization of a 1-on-1 or small group environment with expert guidance.

Our specialized expertise in Movement Screening, Movement Re-education, Prehab/Post-rehab, and Functional Training offers a more enjoyable path to movement success for many who have not found what they were looking for in traditional fitness settings. In many ways, this is the un-gym! Moving well is an imperative for long-term well-being in many aspects of life. With this in mind, our training is tailored to your specific needs, priorities and goals. Whether you’re looking to feel better, look better, or improve performance, we will assemble a personalized program to help you reach your goals and enjoy the journey.

Health / Wellness Education

Customized to the specific interests, challenges and time needs of your group.

We have designed customized health and wellness education for audiences across a broad range of industries. Some examples include business groups (continuous improvement, human resources, workers compensation), leadership programs, lifelong learning programs, community initiatives, emergency medical services and regional/state/local fire service organizations. The power of self-care habits and lifestyle adjustments that facilitate and support physical and mental well-being can be an important way to enhance health and safety in your group or organization.